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Because The Christian Literacy Series is designed specifically for use by those with no prior training as an educator, it is ideally suitable for assisting other ministries in adding a literacy component.  Furthermore, because the textbooks were originally designed for use by adults, they can be used with students of any age, “from 3 to 103 years old.”


Many times, other ministries have clients who also need basic reading help.  For instance, prison ministries almost certainly work with inmates who cannot read at a functional level.  In many prisons, the illiteracy rate is as high as 70%.  In most cases, Christian Literacy Associates proposes the training of the individual(s) from that particular ministry to become a basic reading tutor using The Christian Literacy Series Complete Set in a one-on-one setting.  Each ministry knows how best to interact with their own constituents and incorporating reading instruction can usually be accomplished without much adjustment on the part of the student.  Christian Literacy Associates can also meet with your organization to custom design an integration plan to enable your ministry to include basic reading instruction.  By adding a Christian Literacy basic reading component to your ministry's programs, you will become a part of our 2ten Network.  The 2ten Network is a growing network of churches and para-church organizations from around the globe who are teaching basic reading skills while sharing the Good News using The Christian Literacy Series.  Simply contact us to begin the process.  We would be happy to help.


Teaching indigenous people English has long been a tool used by missionaries and short-term workers in the overseas mission field.  For decades, The Christian Literacy Series has been used by missionaries in several countries in Africa as an effective means of providing a valuable skill to individuals while communicating the Gospel.  The Christian Literacy Series has been used to teach basic reading skills in English around the world, on every continent except Antarctica.

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