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Tools for Churches:

Christian Literacy Associates (CLA) has developed several programmatic formats through which a church can use The Christian Literacy Series to provide basic reading instruction while presenting the Gospel to the people in the community and within the church itself.  One-on-one tutoring is always the most effective for the student.  However, CLA has created programs which are designed to help larger numbers of children learn how to read utilizing a small group instructional method.  The one-on-one tutoring approach is emphasized for work with adults.

Christian Literacy Associates is an interdenominational ministry and works with churches across all Christian denominational lines.  The Christian Literacy Series is a Bible-content basic reading textbook which provides an introduction through altar-call opportunity for tutors to have the most important, eternal, impact on the student built right into the reading lessons.


Over the last 40 years, we have developed multiple ways to help your church add a basic reading component to its outreach.  Whether your church wants to reach out to the community in one-on-one tutoring for adults and children or in a small group environment to help children learn to read, or to simply add a reading instruction component to your existing after-school program, we can provide the training and consultation to make your ministry program a success.  By adding a Christian Literacy basic reading component to your church's programs, you will become a part of our 2ten Network.  The 2ten Network is a growing network of churches and para-church organizations from around the globe who are teaching basic reading skills while sharing the Good News using The Christian Literacy Series.  We have simple and effective curriculum guides and handbooks for Summer Reading Camps and overall programs (some of which can be acquired through our Resources page) using The Christian Literacy Series.  We can also customize a program format to meet your church's volunteer capacity and local or international mission field.  Contact us today to begin the journey together!

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